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Sundown® Naturals is the first and only leading vitamin brand with all products labeled 100% Non-GMO.**^
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100% Flavorful and

100% Non-GMO!

Our gummies taste great and deliver the nutritional support you need most.
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Introducing iShield

Vision Guard® iShield helps filter out damaging blue light and improve eye health when using digital devices.*
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Introducing Sundown® Naturals Kids complete multivitamin gummies!
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100% Committed to your health

At Sundown® Naturals, we care about your health. That's why we offer a full line of the best quality vitamins and supplements that are 100% Non-GMO^ and free of gluten, dairy and artificial flavors to suit your individual needs and active lifestyle.
No Gluten / Wheat

All of our products are 100% Free of Gluten and Wheat

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No Dairy / Lactose

All of our products are 100% Free of Dairy and Lactose

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No Artificial Flavors

All of our products are 100% Free of Artificial Flavors

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All of our products are 100% Non-GMO^

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Sundown® Naturals Kids
Sundown® Naturals Kids vitamins are 100% free of gluten, dairy, artificial flavors!
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All B vitamins support energy metabolism and nervous system health*
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Energy Support for the Holidays.*
Feel your best throughout the season with B Vitamins to support energy metabolism!*
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Gluten-Free Apple Crisp
Toasty-warm apples mingle with brown sugar goodness in this decadent gluten-free dessert.
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Vision Guard® iShield
60 Softgels
Vision Guard® iShield helps filter out damaging blue light & improve eye health when using digital devices.*
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Goodness News
The Effects of Blue Light on your Eyes.
Learn what Blue Light is and how it affects eye health.
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Sun Fact
B12 is a member of the B vitamin family. All B vitamins help convert food into energy*


We offer quality nutritional vitamins & supplements that are 100% Non-GMOand free of gluten, dairy, and artificial flavors.

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Sundown® Naturals vitamins are 100% Free of gluten, dairy and artificial flavors. Why not try our Gluten-Free Apple Crisp, too? #glutenfreelife
Try our Super Snooze Melatonin for occasional sleeplessness and wake up feeling refreshed!*
Our melatonin gummies are delicious, and made with natural strawberry flavors. They’re a drug-free sleep aid that can help with occasional sleeplessness.*

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