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Children's Vitamins

When it comes to nutrition, you want the best for your child. Sometimes, it’s not that easy. Sundown® Naturals Kids Vitamins are a great way to supplement your child’s diet and help fill any nutritional gaps. Our children’s vitamins are completely free of many common allergens like gluten, dairy, peanuts and eggs, and we never use artificial flavors. You will love the benefits and your kids will love the taste!
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Sundown® Naturals Kids gummy vitamins are so delicious that your kids will not only look forward to vitamin time, but you'll breathe a sigh of relief knowing you're giving your little ones the very best.
Why Give Your Child a Multivitamin
Five reasons kids can benefit from taking a daily multivitamin.
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NEW! Disney© Pixar's Cars 3 Complete Multivitamin Gummies
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Sun Fact
Our kids multis have vital vitamins (A, B, C, D & E) & minerals
Sun Fact
B-Vitamins aid in the conversion of food into energy*
No Gluten / Wheat

All of our products are 100% Free of Gluten and Wheat

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Sundown® Naturals Kids

Sundown® Naturals Kids vitamins are 100% free of gluten, dairy, artificial flavors!◊

No Artificial Flavors

All of our products are 100% Free of Artificial Flavors

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No Dairy / Lactose

All of our products are 100% Free of Dairy and Lactose

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